Friends, family, colleagues? An Escape Game is suitable for everyone who likes riddles, mysteries and exciting discoveries.

You will have 60 minutes to solve the mission. Our Game Master will guide you trough the story and rules, and then the game begins.

Each game offers different unique story and atmosphere. Make your way through various puzzles and riddles to complete the mission.

Locked Room Budapest
4 Székely Mihály street
Locked Room Budapest is the highest quality, most visited live escape activity at Budapest with 7 exciting mission to play. All games offer you a unique live escape experience in various scenarios. Whether on the trail of a serial killer or plotting to rob a bank, the challenges presented at Locked Escape Game will put even the smartest minds to a challenging test. Locked Room Budapest won twice “game of the year” and is said to be the most realistic room escape experience of all of Budapest’s escape games. You can find our store at Budapest downtown, centrally located spot at 4 Szekely Mihaly street, accessible f from the Opera with a few minutes of walk. Székely Mihály Street is one-way only from Andrássy Avenue. You can stop at paying parking spaces on the street or in the garage at the opposite side. For your convenience we have safe deposit boxes and gendered restrooms. Our english speaking Game Masters will help the teams of mixed or foreign groups, and of course the games can be played in english as well. Choose your game and Book it now!


You wake up in an abandoned hospital...

Regarding to your memories you spent your last night at a hotel's conference room, listening to a doctor's course. After the speech, the doctor invited you to his room at the hotel to have a drink with him... this is where the memories starts to get dizzy.

Escape the operationg room! There is no time to waste!

Location 1061 Budapest, Székely Mihály Street 4

Serial Killer 3.

The next victim is already targeted...

Try to prevent the already-planned murder which has been set up by a crazy psychopath. The killer's identity has not yet been revealed but he/she has committed multiple murders. Evidences show that the killer is leaving some clues behind. Follow this trail to catch the killer!
The Serial Killer 1 was the most visited game, with moderate difficulty. It has won the Best Game Of Hungary award in 2014.
The Serial Killer 3 is the newest and updated version of the 2013's Serial Killer 1. Not the same story as Serial Killer 2.(scenes and some parts are similar, puzzles are changed or updated)

Location 1061 Budapest, Székely Mihály Street 4

Bank Robbery

Dodge the laser beams, get the gold bars!

You've overheard a conversation in the pub: only at this night the bank vaut is filled with gold bars. The time is short, the job is risky, but if you want to make yourself rich, you got to act now! The Bank Robbery is one of Locked Room's most realistic adventure according to the critics, with real branch bank, a real vault and almost real gold bars.

Location Temporarily under construction

Secret Lab

Mysterious activities in the abandoned house.

What is hidden in the house standing empty for many years and who is in the interest of the area to drive away all pry? One theory is that the empty and dilapidated house has become alcoholics' and drug consumers' nest, but based on others' opinion a criminal organization is active in the building.

Twists and surprises which leads to an unexpected outcome of this story!

Location 1061 Budapest, Székely Mihály Street 4


60 minutes in the cursed motel room!

The motel room, where noone can stay for over an hour. You plan to investigate the series of mysterious disappearences in the motel room. Arriving at the scene, it turns out that many suicides happened in the cursed room.

Could it be that these cases were not really suicide ? Will you manage to get out alive?

Location 1061 Budapest, Székely Mihály Street 4

Research Base

Infiltrate the hidden research base!

There is hidden, underground government research base in a cold, secluded zone in Russia... Well, to be honest, this is not a secret for you, you received information from inside, a large amount of radioactive residue were released in the area by accident, and the base was evacuated immediately. However, there is a heavily guarded safe, with invaluable contents which worth the risk. Make a plan, infiltrate the base, find the safe and crack it open. You probably won't find anybody underground, however, due to high radiation levels you will have only an hour to finish the job. Good luck!

Top quality high-tech adventure game at Budapest! Our most difficult one. 

Location 1061 Budapest, Székely Mihály Street 4

Serial Killer 2.

Catch the killer!

People in the neighbourhood are disappearing... There is a rumor that a serial killer is taking their victims. Create a detective team andtrace down this mysterious killer. Clues from the edge of the city leads your team into the woods. Do you manage to find the killer?

Serial Killer 2 is an upgraded version of one of Locked Room's most popular games. Clever puzzles and impressive game set awaits the teams.


Location 1061 Budapest, Székely Mihály Street 4
Online Booking
We take on the task to organize indoor company team buildings. In order to escape from our room, strong cooperation and shared thinking is inevitable. The game can be a key to ease the stress of the workdays. To complete the tasks within the time limit, teams with good team work is needed, therefore the approximately 1 hour escape game can forge a good team bond between the members. Up to 36 person you can play at the same time. With greater numbers of players the teams can even wait for each other up to 72 person. During the waiting we can offer drink and food packages, for example craft beers, soft drinks, hot-dogs, panini and more, but please not forget to pre-order it!

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