Discover the World of Excellent Escape Rooms

Discover the World of Excellent Escape Rooms with AROOM and Locked Room!

For corporate team-building events and friendly gatherings, it’s always important to find unique, exciting, and high-quality programs. The escape rooms at AROOM and Locked Room are recognized not only in Hungary but internationally as well. Our excellent reputation and professional services ensure that every visitor has an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Us? Excellent Reputation and Reviews: AROOM and Locked Room have received numerous awards and accolades in the escape room industry. Our innovative rooms and creative stories provide the best entertainment for our visitors.

Professional Rooms and High Quality: Our rooms are designed by professional designers and game masters, ensuring the highest standards and quality. Every detail is carefully planned so players can fully immerse themselves in the stories and challenges.

Safe and Recognized: Safety is of utmost importance to us. All our rooms meet the strictest safety standards, so players can enjoy the adventure safely. Additionally, we have received numerous professional recognitions for our safety and service quality.

High-Quality Game Management: Our experienced game masters are always ready to assist players and ensure everyone has the best experience. Our game masters are friendly, professional, and well-trained.

Extra ServicesFree Coffee: Visitors can refresh themselves with free coffee before or after the game.

Beverage Packages: Various beverage packages are available for purchase to make the game even more enjoyable.

Private Room Booking: If you prefer, you can book a private room for after the escape room game, where you can spend time with your friends or colleagues undisturbed.

Exclusive Venue Rental: You can also exclusively book the entire venue, making the space completely yours for the duration of the game.

Our Event Room – The Perfect Venue for Private Events Our event room is a great venue for private events, whether it’s for smaller team-building events, birthdays, or bachelorette parties. The room’s amenities include:

Water and Coffee Machine: Refreshing drinks are available throughout the day. Stocked Minibar: A selection of drinks and snacks await guests. Large TV and Retro Arcade Games: These devices enhance the experience and entertain participants. Private Restroom: For maximum comfort. Additional Services: Further services can be arranged upon request. You can already book our event room at a favorable price with any game reservation. Book our newest room, the Dream House, and choose our private room at a discounted price!

Request a quote now using the form below! We respond quickly! AROOM and Locked Room are the perfect choice for corporate team-building events, friends’ gatherings, or any special occasion. With our excellent reputation, high-quality rooms, and professional game management, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity, book today!

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Garantált sikerélmény az egész csapatnak! Minőségi kialakítás és profi szervezés. Fantasztikus játékélmény 14 szabadulószobában. Lenyűgöző játékmenet és realisztikus helyszínek. Élmény minden korosztálynak, már 6 éves kortól. Játék és rendezvény csomagba foglalva, kedvezményes áron! Válaszd Budapest elsőszámú szabadulószobáit, ahol az éményre garanciát vállalunk! További kérdésed van? Hívd rendezvényszervező kollégánkat: +36307199034

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